Our Beginning

We started with a passion; a passion so strong that our founder wanted to share it with the world. She saw more in eyelash extensions and beauty than most would. To her, they became more than a way to make women pretty on the outside. She realized that eyelash extensions were a key to unlocking the strongest connection with women; a sisterhood. A connection that would bring out the inner beauty of both the lash artist, and her clients. With a deep desire to share this, The Lash and Sugar Company was created.

Our Mission

We support each other. We empower each other. With our passion for the art of beauty, and with the power of sisterhood, we hope to share this fulfilling expression of art with everyone. We want to share our passion for beauty. We are here to guide you, support you, and empower you through your eyelash journey. We are the lash sisterhood.

Our Future

We are so dedicated to the art of beauty. With dedication comes growth, and in an ever-changing industry growth is so important! We see big things for the future of The Lash and Sugar Company, and cannot wait to share our excitement and success with you! We will remain Arizona’s premier Lash and Beauty Company, but why stop there? Stay tuned Lash Sisters!