Does Waxing Hurt? [Real Answers From The Experts + Top Tips]

If there’s one thing everyone knows about waxing, it’s that waxing hurts — right? After all, you’ve seen it on sitcoms, and you’ve heard about it from your friends: Waxing is painful! It hurts so much, in fact, that it makes you want to scream!

But, wait a minute…is that really how it is? Does waxing hurt in the way everyone says it does? Just how bad does waxing hurt? 

You have questions, and we have answers that may surprise you!

So, Does Waxing Hurt?

Does waxing hurt? Well, yes and no…but it’s not a given that waxing will hurt everyone or even hurt in the same way.

Yes, waxing is generally considered more painful than sugaring, but your experience with waxing may be less (or more) painful than that of your friends or family members. Why?

Everyone’s Experience is Different, But Why?

Just as some people can handle really spicy foods well while others can’t, everyone has different pain thresholds that affect how painful waxing may be for them.

There are, of course, certain factors that provide insight into how painful waxing may be for you; for example, if you know you have sensitive skin, then you can probably expect waxing to be somewhat painful.

Then again, maybe your skin sensitivity isn’t the least bit related to the level of pain you can take; you might have irritation on your skin after waxing, while the pain at the time of wax removal was not as bad as you expected it to be.

What You Get Waxed Matters!

Another thing to consider is where on the body you’re getting your waxing done. Different parts of the body hurt more with waxing than others.

Where Does Waxing Tend to Hurt the Most?

If you’re getting a Brazilian wax, that area is extremely sensitive — it’ll likely hurt quite a bit, even if your pain tolerance is high.

The same goes for under your armpits, an area where there are many lymph nodes and nerve endings (if you’ve forgotten your pits are, have someone tickle you there!)

Having the hair in your armpits removed through waxing may not be as painful as a Brazilian wax, but be prepared to grit your teeth.

Where Does Waxing Hurt the Least?

On the other hand, if you have the hair on your legs or arms (or back, if you’re a guy) waxed, you may barely feel a thing.

Other Things Affecting your Pain Level

The type of wax used on you will also play a role in how much pain you feel; hard wax tends to be less painful than soft wax, which must be applied (and removed) through the use of strips.

Hotter May Hurt!

Keep in mind that waxing may hurt in another way you didn’t expect: Heat. The wax which is applied to your skin during a waxing session is usually heated to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes in excess of 130 degrees or more!

Even if the application of hot wax doesn’t hurt at the moment of application, you may experience painful irritation after the fact.

How To Best Prepare for a Waxing Session

You can ensure you have the best waxing experience possible by preparing beforehand.

Exfoliate, but Not Just Before

Exfoliating your skin before a waxing appointment will really help the wax stick to your hair better, but don’t do a deep scrub of your skin 24-48 hours before your waxing appointment, at least if you want to lower the chances of painful irritation.

Don’t Use Oils or Lotions Beforehand

Furthermore, don’t moisturize the area you’re having waxed on the day of. Any lotions or oils you use could end up keeping the wax from sticking to the hair, which defeats the purpose of getting the wax to begin with!

Sunburned or Tanned? Wait It Out!

Oh, and if you’re getting a wax in the summer, do yourself a favor — don’t lay outside to get a tan in the days leading up to it. If you are planning on spending time outside before your waxing session, put on sunscreen. Getting tanned/sunburned skin waxed is not a good idea at all. Why?

Because even if your pain tolerance is generally pretty high, sunburns/tans change the game. Does waxing hurt after a tan? Let us put it this way: It doesn’t matter where on your body you’re getting waxed if you have a tan or sunburn there; wait for the skin to heal before getting a wax. Trust us!

Be Gentle to Your Skin

As for the time after your wax session, turn the heat down on your morning showers for a few days, and try to avoid tanning for that time span as well. A good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t do it after a sunburn, don’t do it after a wax!

Where To Go for the Best Waxing Experience

Hopefully, we’ve cleared up most of the rumors about waxing for you.

Remember, Does waxing hurt? It can, but pain is not a given.

How bad does waxing hurt? It depends on your pain tolerance and which part of the body you’re having waxed.

Got it? Great!

And, of course, where you get a waxing session also matters! The experts at The Lash and Sugar Company know a thing or two about waxing, sugaring, lash extensions, and more! You’re just steps away from smoother skin, so book your visit to The Lash and Sugar Company today!