Eyelash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts

lash lift vs lash extensions

Lash envy. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. You see a gorgeous set of lashes and wish you had those beauties. Girl, you can! And there are so many options! The world of lashes awaits you. But wait… there are so many options. Eyelash extensions vs. lash lifts? What’s the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions? Lucky for you, we’re here to answer all of your questions!

Eyelash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts: Lash Lift Breakdown

Simply put, a lash lift is like a perm for your lashes.

Imagine if you only had to use your eyelash curler every six to eight weeks. Amazing, right? That’s exactly what a lash lift does. It gives you a semi-permanent curl that lasts six to eight weeks. The curl size is customizable, which is great because everyone’s eye shape and lashes are different! One thing to note is that lash lifts are a chemical service.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a lash lift vs. lash extensions.

Lash Lift Pros

There are so many great things about lash lifts. Since lash lifts just curl your natural lashes, you can continue life as normal. Here are some of the benefits of lash lifts.

  • They are low maintenance. This makes them a great option for anyone!
  • You don’t have to worry about water. After the first 24 hours, your lashes can get wet without affecting the lash lift.
  • You can get a lash tint. Treat yourself and get a lash tint after your lash lift! Or, keep using your favorite mascara.
  • You can keep using oil-based products. One great benefit to lash lifts vs. lash extensions is you can still use oil-based lash products. They won’t hurt your lashes!
  • Lash envy. Your friends will all wish they had your “natural lashes.”
  • They are quick. The process of a lash lift usually takes half of the time it takes to apply a full set of lash extensions.
  • They suit any eye shape. Since lash lifts can be customized by curl and shape, they are suitable for everyone!
  • They’re long-lasting. Lash lifts last six to eight weeks.
  • They’re affordable. Your wallet will be happy because lash lifts cost about half the price of extensions.

Lash Lift Cons

  • They don’t darken your lashes. Lash lifts don’t make your lashes appear any darker.
  • They aren’t as dramatic. Lash lifts usually aren’t as dramatic as lash extensions since no lashes are added to your lash line.
  • They don’t make your lashes fuller. Lash lifts give length and curl, but not necessarily fullness.

Next, we will talk about eyelash extensions and discuss the pros and cons to help you decide between a lash lift vs. lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions vs. Lash Lifts: Lash Extension Breakdown

Eyelash extensions are small, synthetic fibers that are attached to the base of your natural eyelashes.

If you like the falsie look, these are definitely a great option for you! The curl size, length, and shape are customizable, which is great if you know what kind of style you like already.

Lash Extension Pros

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions.

  • They give a dramatic look. Eyelash extensions are great if you want a more dramatic look daily.
  • They make your lashes fuller. Lash extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes and can give the appearance of fuller lashes. Who doesn’t want double the lashes?
  • They’re customizable. Eyelash extensions are customizable depending on your style preferences and eye shape. Most salons offer classic and volume lashes depending on what look you’re going for.
  • Save money on products. Put your wallet away because you won’t be shelling out money for mascara anymore!
  • They’re long-lasting. When applied correctly, lash extensions last two to four weeks.

Lash Extension Cons

  • They cost more than lash lifts. When comparing lash lifts vs. lash extensions, extensions usually cost a lot more.
  • Longer application time. Eyelash extension application can take up to two hours to complete.
  • No more oil-based products. Say goodbye to your oil-based products! Oil can break down the lash extension adhesive.
  • You must be careful around water. Especially in the first 24 hours, you have to be cautious around steam and water.
  • No rubbing your eyes. Touching or rubbing your eyes is a no-no! Also, sleeping on your stomach can damage your lashes.

There you go, lash babes! Now that you know the difference between a lash lift and lash extensions, you can decide what type of lash look you want! Both lash lifts and lash extensions give beautiful results, so you can’t go wrong with either.

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