How long do eyelash extensions last?

Every time you apply mascara in the morning, you are sure to get lost in daydreams of eyelash extensions. Effortless, dramatic, and transformative. This addicting trend in the beauty industry is sweeping the nation… and for all of the right reasons! But, if you are anything like us, you probably have a million questions. How much do they cost? Will my natural lashes be okay? And speaking of which, how long can you have eyelash extensions?

If we answer all of the questions floating around these lovely, lengthy lashes, we may be here all day. So, to make this simple, we’ll answer the most common questions today. What are lash extensions, how many weeks do they last, how long can you have them, and how can you keep your natural lashes healthy?

Lash Extensions 101

Besides being drop dead gorgeous and the ultimate time-savers, what are eyelash extensions anyway? Put simply, lash extensions are small, synthetic fibers that are carefully attached to the base of each natural eyelash. When applied properly, these little lashes make a big difference, transforming short and sparse eyelashes into full, long, and luscious.

Eyelash extensions come in a variety of different lengths, diameters, and styles. Regardless of your eye shape, natural lash size, or makeup preference, your lash technician will be able to choose the perfect lash for you! Plus, if you have sensitive skin, there are also adhesives and under eye gel pads made specifically for you!

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

When it comes to the lifespan of lash extensions, there is no definite answer. Generally speaking, most salon-applied eyelash extensions stay for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This takes into account that some lashes will fall out prematurely, especially within the first couple of days. However, the answer varies so greatly due to the fact that it depends how experienced your eyelash technician is, what adhesive is used, the life cycle of your natural lashes, and most importantly, how you care for them afterward. So with that being said, how long can you have eyelash extensions?

How Long Can You Have Eyelash Extensions?

Meet Nicole. Even after having lash extensions for more than 8 years, she still loves them. Her lashes are as healthy and strong as when she first started getting lash extensions 8 years ago. In fact, when asked how long she will continue to get extensions, she saw no end in sight! When asked if extensions have negatively impacted her natural lashes, she responded:

“No. I think people always say that their lashes were so thin and short after they took them off, implying that the lash extensions did something to change their own lashes, but if you have been wearing extensions for some time, you may tend to think that your own natural lashes were that amazing, long, and thick when in fact they did not change and are still the same as before.” (Source: Byrdie)

So… what’s the secret? It’s actually quite simple. You get what you pay for, and aftercare matters! While an experienced lash technician may be more expensive, you’ll be much happier and your lashes will be healthier. And after that? The health of your lashes is dependant on aftercare!

Make Them Last

If you love your lashes, they will love your back. When it comes to keeping your lashes happy and healthy, we have three words for you: aftercare, aftercare, and… aftercare. After you leave the salon, the longevity of your lashes is in your hands. Keep reading to see some of our favorite tips for taking care of your lashes!

  • Don’t Get Your Lashes Wet For 24-48 Hours: Although eyelashes can and should get wet, avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours so that the glue can set properly. The amount of time you should wait is different for each adhesive, so be sure to listen to your lash technician’s instructions!
  • Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach: Yes, we understand. It’s not easy to switch to sleeping on your side or back if you are a stomach-sleeper! However, lashes do not particularly enjoy being squished into a pillow for 8 hours. If you can, try to keep your lashes off of your pillow, especially during the first day or two. Additionally, you may find it useful to switch to a silk pillowcase!
  • Use Oil-Free Makeup: The oil found in makeup and remover products are renowned for breaking down the adhesive on your lash extensions. Unfortunately, this may lead to premature lash loss! Because of this, oil-free makeup, removers, and mascara are the way to go. Trust us – your lashes will thank you!
  • Keep Your Lashes Clean: After the first 24 hours, it is okay (and recommended) to clean your lashes daily. Just make sure to use a gentle brush and an oil-free cleanser! Afterward, brush your lashes with a disposable or reusable lash brush, depending on your preference.

If you follow this complete guide to lash extension care and find a trustworthy lash artist with plenty of experience, say hello to years of beautiful lashes!