Carla left her home country many years ago and has accomplished many personal goals; raising her 3 children is by far the one that makes her the proudest. Through the years she been able to acquire many skills, which are reinforced by education and hard work.

In 2008 while living in Asia, Carla was introduced to the early version of lashing. Since then she keeps improving her technique, continuing her education and trying new products introduced to her through the years. Lashing for Carla is a passionate art, which she fell in love with and always trying to reach perfection.

Now that Carla is back in college, she in search of her goal; a career in the medical field.  She is happy and proud to be part of The lash and sugar Company sisterhood and for allowing her passion to show with every client. The most important part of her day is giving her clients the most amazing lashes and see them smile when they open their eyes.