My name is Darius and I am a proud Arizona native. I pursued a bachelor’s degree at ASU but never felt like I was on the right path. So, I took a break and started lashing during my aesthetics program at Penrose Academy. It was at Penrose that I found my love for aesthetics and discovered a whole new world of waxing, lashing, and everything in between. What I really love about being a lash artist is working around boss babes all day. The women I work with inspire me to continue challenging myself and my skill set. It amazes me how talented my fellow lash girls are with a pair of tweezers. I hope to become a master lash artist and grow with the company. It is so refreshing to come into the studio and be excited to start my workday!

When I’m not lashing, you can find me at music festivals or concerts on the weekends. I love music and vibing with new people that love seeing live music as much as I do. I love to travel out of state explore this beautiful world. I am fascinated by the lashing world and can’t wait to see where this career path takes me, so join me on my journey.