Hello gorgeous, my name is Gema (hEH- muh) and I’ll be your bubbly Latina lash artist from the block. I love art, creating, and making things beautiful. I was born and raised in Oregon by my hardworking parents along aside three hilarious siblings. I been professionally licensed since 2015 and was a hairstylist before all. It was until I decided to get lash extensions for my birthday that started this journey.

I was seen by Angela, owner of Vice Beauty Lash Studio in Portland, Oregon. She put me on lash rehab after having a poor lash set done that caused discomfort and premature loss. She made my whole experience feel luxurious, professional, and peaceful. I really connected with her through our conversations and I was comfortable enough to vent about anything. At the end, I pictured myself providing the same experience as an aesthetician and I got really excited about it. I felt like finally found my niche in the beauty industry!

I enjoy connecting during the first initial lash set and watching you love yourself just a little bit more after seeing your lashes extensions for the first time. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to provide a sense of confidence and making your morning routine just a little bit easier for a boss babe like yourself. Eyes are how we connect with people, how we attract the cutie from across the room – it’s a language on its own. That’s why I think it is so important you find a lash artist who not only understands that but whom you bond with too!