The Girls Profile Jerri


Hey, I’m Jerri! I was born in Berkeley, and raised in Oakland, California. My grandmother was one of the 1st two women of color to open a self made salon in the city of Oakland, so I was raised in a salon setting all my life. My last year of high school I went to beauty school, and was a licensed Cosmetologist by the age of 18. I worked at my family salon for years until I opened my own. I went back to school for Esthetics years later where I was introduced to lash extensions and trained at Bella Lash. Then, crossed trained many times to come up with my own technique and trained to be a trainer.
I am known as the “Lash Heaux” because I don’t do boring lashes! I am very well versed in Volume and Mega Volume lashes, but I am just in love with the enhancement as well as the health of lashes. I am also a “Waxologist” as us speed waxers call it. I am licensed and have worked in California, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and now Arizona!