What is sugaring?

We all know what waxing is. Well, sugaring is the all-natural, healthier version! The natural sugar solution (sugar, water, lemon) is a paste consistency. It is massaged onto the skin by hand at body temperature and then molded against the grain of natural hair growth. With a flicking motion, the solution is then gently removed in the direction of the natural hair growth along with all unwanted hair!

Why is sugar the best option for hair removal?

100% Natural Ingredients: completely natural: made from sugar, lemon and water.
You can eat it!

Sanitary: hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic: sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand, and a fresh ball of sugar paste is used for each client, meaning no risk of cross contamination.

✓ Less Painful than Waxing: sugar will not stick to live skin cells, only the dead skin cells are removed, so there is less risk of abrasions/tearing and generally less redness than waxing.

✓ Not Hot: sugar paste is lukewarm when it is applied, so there is no risk of burning the skin.

✓ Unique Technique: sugar paste is applied against the natural direction of hair growth, then removed in the direction of growth resulting in a less painful hair removal and less hair breakage.

✓ Extracts Short Hairs: hair growth needs to be only 1/8-inch-long to be removed (about 7 days growth).

✓ Gentle: sugaring is so gentle it can be used to remove the villus hair that grows on some women’s faces

✓ Easy Clean Up: sugar paste dissolves easily in water and there’s no sticky residue left on skin.

 When should I avoid sugaring?

If you are using Acutane please wait 6 months after discontinuing use before being sugared. If you are using Differin, Retin A, or Renova please wait at least 3 months after discontinuing use before sugaring.