Types of Lash Extensions & How To Choose the Best One

Newcomers to the world of lash extensions understandably have many questions, as there’s a lot of information out there to sift through. If you’re seriously considering enhancing the look of your lashes for the first time, it’s natural to wonder — what should you go with? Lash extensions? Individual lashes? What’s the difference?

And what the heck are D curls and C curls, anyway?

Worried about information overload? Just want a guide that can help you make a decision about what types of lash extensions are right for you? Read on to learn all about different types of lashes and how to choose eyelash extensions!

How To Choose the Best Types of Lash Extensions


First, we need to talk about the difference between lash extensions and individual lashes.

Lash Extensions vs. Individual Lashes

Many newbies to the world of lash extensions are swayed by individual lashes, which are considerably cheaper than lash extensions. And, since “individual lashes” also sounds so simple and convenient, people think that they must be exactly what they’re looking for.

Well, hold on!

The truth is that individual lashes are actually anything but “individual”: They are groups of lashes bundled together and applied to your lashes; however, you get what you pay for, and what you get won’t last for very long at all. Ideally, you want your lash look to last as long as possible, right?

If you really want to get a look that actually builds on your natural lashes and also lasts for weeks at a time, what you want to go with are lash extensions. Lash extensions are more expensive and must be applied by a professional. They last longer than individual lashes and are made of higher-quality material.

The Many Types of Lash Extensions


With that out of the way, it’s time to explore the world of lash extensions more deeply. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s get into it.

When you visit a lash artist for the first time, don’t expect to be given any old lash extensions right away. Everybody’s lashes are different, and to get a look that fits you just right, you need to consider the length, thickness, and curl of your lash extensions, to help achieve your desired volume and perfect look.

What are lash extensions made of?

Eyelash extensions can be made of different materials, such as synthetic, silk, mink, and faux mink. Want the softest and most lightweight types of lash extensions? In our opinion, faux mink is best. In fact, that’s what we use at The Lash and Sugar Company!

What about the length and thickness of lash extensions?

Lash extensions also come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. The last thing you want is to get lash extensions that are too long, putting strain on your natural lashes that could cause them to fall out earlier than normal.

Also, keep in mind that the thicker your lash extensions are, the more dramatic a look you’ll get. Not what you want? Then go with a diameter closest to your natural lashes; if you want to go thicker, you can always try that the next time. Or, you can just experiment with volume.

To turn up the volume, or not?

What about volume? With eyelash extensions, volume is achieved through the application of several super-fine lash extensions (known as “fans”) to a single, natural lash. This helps achieve a fuller, fluffier look, and you can play around with different levels of volume if you wish. And that’s not even counting the curl options.

The Many Kinds of Lash Curls


You’ll find that even more complexity awaits as you encounter various types of curls that lash extensions can come in. Generally, your choices are between C curls, D curls, CC curls, DD curls, and J curls. The effects of these different curls can vary, from more natural popping looks to utterly dramatic styles.

C Curls and J Curls

C curls are one of the most common and popular types of lash extensions. You can get a look with C curls that resembles what you’d achieve with a lash curler, with the benefit of not needing to use one! This is the most natural look you’re going to get with lash extension curls, beyond what you can get with J curls.

D Curls

D curls, on the other hand, give you so much more lift than C curl lash extensions can. If you’re looking for lash extensions that open up the eyes and really make things pop, then D curls are the way to go.

Lash Extensions at The Lash and Sugar Company


Now that you know about how many different types of lash extensions there are to choose from, what will you go with? From lengths to thickness, from curl to volume, you have many choices to make about different types of lash extensions. It can be hard figuring out how to choose eyelash extensions to achieve the look you want, but a lot easier with the help of the lash artists of The Lash and Sugar Company.

You’re ready for your first eyelash extensions, and The Lash and Sugar Company is ready for you! In the care of experienced, knowledgeable lash artists, you’ll find all your questions answered and ultimately leave with the lash extension look you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready to see how lash extensions look on you? Book an appointment online at The Lash and Sugar Company today!