Best Lash Lift in Scottsdale

Lash lift in Scottsdale AZLooking for a lash lift in Scottsdale to elevate your natural lashes? The Lash & Sugar Company offers top-tier lash lift services in Scottsdale for natural beauties like you! Our lash lifts or lash perm service is the ultimate treatment to emphasize your eyes without the use of extensions.

What Is a Lash Lift?


First, let’s talk about what a lash lift is. A lash lift is a treatment that lifts natural eyelashes from the root, giving the effect of an eyelash curler or extensions. Think curly lashes without mascara or falsies. This lash treatment lasts for six to eight weeks and is a semi-permanent solution for those looking to have curlier, longer-looking eyelashes. It is the best alternative to eyelash extensions for those who would rather not use false eyelashes.

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What Is a Lash Tint?


A lash tint often accompanies a lash lift service. Eyelash tinting semi-permanently darkens your natural lashes in color. Getting a lash lift and tint in Scottsdale gives you the look of wearing mascara every day without having to put any on. It is complementary to get both lash tinting and a lash lift done at the same time to bring volume and drama to your natural lashes. Intensify your lashes by getting both services with our bundle package.

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Pricing for a Lash Lift and Tint in Scottsdale


At The Lash & Sugar Company, we make getting pampered affordable. Here are our prices for lash lifts and tints below:

  • Lash lift – $75
  • Lash tint – $20
  • Lash lift w/ tint  – $85

Get the Best Lash Lift and Tint Scottsdale Has To Offer


Our lash techs will choose the perfect curl for your eye shape to give you a look you’ll love. Get no-maintenance lashes that last six to eight weeks at The Lash & Sugar Co. With an eyelash lift and tint in Scottsdale, you don’t have to worry about applying mascara, showering, swimming, or sweating — your lashes will stay glam. Simplify your morning routine with ready-to-go bomb lashes.

Schedule an appointment at The Lash & Sugar Co. to get your lashes looking on point. Our skilled lash techs are here to help you feel like the boss babe you are. We want you to walk out of your appointment at The Lash & Sugar Co. feeling confident and strong as can be.

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