Hey there!

I’m Tara, and I bring 10 years of experience to the table as a licensed esthetician and master lash artist. Trained by Xtreme Lashes under the renowned Jo Muesli, my focus has always been on delivering excellent quality over sheer quantity. Every lash, no matter how small, receives meticulous attention to ensure seamless application without any discomfort or excessive weight.

Specializing in clean line lashes, I offer a range of styles from classic to mega volume, tailored to accentuate your natural beauty. While I excel in creating the most flattering lashes for you, I’m candid about my preferences – hybrid styles and excessively long extensions beyond 13mm aren’t my cup of tea, especially if they compromise your natural lash health.

Beyond enhancing your lashes, I’m passionate about educating my clients on lash care and safety. If you’re facing challenges like retention issues, twisting, turning, or irritation, I’ve got the experience and education to why it’s happening.

In addition to my extensive experience, I’ve also had the privilege of teaching aspiring lash artists. And when I’m not crafting gorgeous lash sets at The Lash and Sugar Company, you might find me honing my skills in microblading and shading, having learned by world champions and being 3 times world champion trained, I love helping women feel confident.

For me, brows and lashes are the ultimate face framers, and I’m here to ensure yours steal the show!