I fell in love with the art of lash extensions not only because, well, it’s amazing, but because I was able to create meaningful relationships. I wasn’t just able to make clients feel their best, but these clients became lifelong friends. My fellow lash artists became lifelong friends. My heart had never been so full and it was all thanks to my profession as a lash artist.

One of the most rewarding parts of my life is the relationships that I’ve built through the application of lashes. These women are my sisters. We support each other. We empower each other. With our passion for the art of eyelash extensions, and with the power of this lash sisterhood, The Lash and Sugar Company was created. Our mission is to share this fulfilling expression of art with everyone. We want to share our passion for eyelash extensions. We are The Lash and Sugar Company!

I’m here today, humbled that I’m able to share both my passion and the passion of my amazing team with you. We, as The Lash and Sugar Company, are here to support and empower you through your eyelash journey. The most beautiful women are composed of a beautiful mind, heart, and soul. When you are the best version of you, your beauty is unstoppable.