Top Waxing in Scottsdale, AZ

Modern times call for modern beauty solutions, and The Lash and Sugar Company in Old Town Scottsdale is prepared to answer that call! It’s easier than ever to keep up a beauty regimen, especially when you know exactly where to go.

Offering lash extensions, sugaring, and waxing in Scottsdale, The Lash and Sugar Company team will welcome you into our sisterhood and won’t let you leave until you look and feel transformed into the most beautiful version of yourself.

Waxing in Scottsdale

waxing in scottsdale

You’re putting yourself in the hands of expert artists dedicated to manifesting the beauty on the outside that everyone already knows you possess on the inside. The Lash and Sugar Company, with waxing locations in Scottsdale all over the Valley, won’t rest until they’ve helped you see the importance of connecting your sense of inner beauty with the reality of your outer beauty.

The hardest decision you should have to make when it comes to hair removal at The Lash and Sugar Company is which kind you’ll go for. Will you opt for a traditional wax treatment, get a bikini wax, or go for an all-natural sugaring in Scottsdale?

Everyone is familiar with Brazilian and bikini waxes, but sugaring? That can be where the magic happens. A paste mix of sugar, water, and lemon is applied to the skin at body temperature and removed in the direction of the hair growth. You won’t believe how smooth you feel, with so much less irritation.

Stay on Top of Things With a Wax Membership!


Getting a sugar wax in Scottsdale is a great option if you want to keep up a monthly regimen since sugaring can remove shorter hairs (1/8-inch long) than traditional waxing (which usually needs hairs to be at least 1/4-inch long). Sugaring only removes dead skin cells and is easy to clean up — there’s no gross residue left on your skin! So, when you’re ready to go for sugar waxing in Scottsdale, AZ, you can be confident that every inch of you will be cared for and beautified to the max.

Remember what we just said about keeping up a regimen? Well, it’s true! So, getting a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax in Scottsdale shouldn’t be a one-time deal. You’re making a big investment in your looks, so it’s essential that you maintain a waxing or sugar routine to keep looking your very best and smoothest.

Normally, a commitment to keeping that up could be hard in our busy times, but The Lash and Sugar Company has a variety of memberships for waxing in Scottsdale that can help you keep up a waxing or sugaring routine with a minimum of fuss.

An Affordable Option for Your Beauty Routine

A waxing membership is $45 a month for waxing and $55 for sugaring, and you’re entitled to a Brazilian every 30 days. A waxing membership with The Lash and Sugar Company can help make keeping a commitment to smoother skin easier than ever. You work hard, so why not reward yourself with the smoothest, best-looking skin imaginable?

Waxing, Sugaring, and Lashes… Oh, My!


Once you’ve had your wax/sugar session, why not take your lashes to the next level? The Lash and Sugar Company in Old Town Scottsdale can help enhance your natural beauty even further than you’ve ever imagined, helping you to see all that you have to offer.

For the Guys

Men who are also interested in traditional waxing in Scottsdale or want to try out an all-natural sugar wax in Scottsdale can visit The Lash and Sugar Company’s Old Town Scottsdale location at 7040 E Indian School Rd to take advantage of our services.

Get your back waxed or sugared, or your chest, or even get both your chest and back waxed or sugared for a more balanced look and feel –– it’s really up to you! If you’d rather take it slow, or are going for a more manicured look on your backside, half-back waxing or sugaring options are also available!

Experience Waxing in Scottsdale With The Lash and Sugar Company!


Not only will you love how you look, but, more importantly, you’ll also love how you feel after a session at The Lash and Sugar Company in Old Town Scottsdale. You deserve the best, so why not treat yourself to the opportunity to experience the art of beauty as a canvas of beauty professionals truly dedicated to their craft?

There’s no reason to sit around wondering where to go. Whether you come for wax or a sugar hair removal or desire lash extensions that will capture the imaginations of those around you, The Lash and Sugar Company can deliver the goods.