Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashesOh hey, girl.  If you’re reading this, I bet you’re intrigued by lash extensions, but you’re a little skeptical.  That’s okay.  I was, too.  You’re probably thinking, do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?  There are some things in this world that just seem too good to be true…those things usually are too good to be true.  I have good news, though.  Not all of those things apply to lash extensions.

Most of the time when you hear lash horror stories, or see photos of disaster lashes, the situation could’ve been avoided by a bit of research and accepting that good work isn’t cheap.  Like I said, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You saw a full volume set advertised for $75?  No way, girly.  Think about it.  A full volume set takes anywhere from an hour and forty-five minutes to two and a half hours.  They’re taking the time to attach tiny hairs to other tiny hairs…they should be charging more than $75!  If the price is low, either they don’t have much experience or they don’t take the necessary amount of time to isolate your lashes properly.

What Can Go Wrong

Speaking of isolation, it’s everything.  If your lashes are poorly isolated, you can end up with damage to your natural lashes.  Lashes are just like the hair on your head.  Different lashes grow at different paces, so what happens when two or more natural lashes are glued to one extension or one fan?  The faster-growing lash will pull the extension, which then pulls the other lashes it’s glued to.  Ouch!  Not only is it painful, but the constant tugging on the lash damages it.  Imagine separating every single lash on your eye and how long that would take.  This is why you have to accept that higher price tag for lash extensions!  You’re not just paying for the lashes, you’re paying for the artist’s time.

Additionally, if the artist takes their time, they should use the correct adhesive for your lashes and their skill level.  Not only that, but they should use the right amount of glue!  Too much glue makes your lash line thick and bumpy…not cute!  Extensions should look natural and “unnatural” at the same time.  No one thinks you grew that full volume set yourself, but they should not see clumps of glue when you close your eyes.

Bad lashes are totally a snowball effect.  You go to the cheapest place you can find, so they don’t take their time or isolate correctly.  What did you pay for?  A clumpy mess.  Then, because they’re so clumpy and poorly done, you start to pick at them when they hurt or irritate your eyes.  Picking at them causes you to pull them out, even if it’s an accident!  After all that, you have damaged eyelashes and you’re out $75.

The good news is that this can be avoided.  All you have to do is research, babe!  Read Yelp reviews, talk to your girls who have perfect lashes all the f*cking time.  Lash artists love referrals, and your friends will be happy to help you out.  Do a quick Google search.  What salon has the most stars?  Are there photos of the salon?

Set yourself up for success…and bomb lashes.

xo Cam