Eyelash Extensions: Classic vs. Volume

So you want eyelash extensions, huh? Who can blame you? You want to look like a princess 24/7, I get it. One of the hardest decisions to make is whether you get classic or volume eyelash extensions, but lucky for you, I’m your fairy godmother, baby. Here’s the lowdown on classic vs. volume lashes.

We’re going to discuss the difference between volume lashes vs. classic lashes and help you decide which are right for you! Once you’ve decided which you like better, you can book an appointment with one of the professional lash artists at The Lash & Sugar Company! We’ll make sure you walk away with flawless lashes, whether classic or volume. These before and after photos show just how beautiful both lash looks can be!

Here is a quick overview of the difference in appearance between classic lash extensions and volume extensions.

Classic vs. Volume Lashes: Which Are Better?


So, which are better, classic lash extensions or volume lashes?

Sorry, babes, there’s no straight answer — both classic and volume lashes are beautiful. There is no correct answer to this question because it’s all based on your personal preference! It’s up to you to decide if you like volume or classic lash extensions better.

Asking someone what they think of classic vs. volume lashes is like asking what they think of pink vs. blue. Both are great colors, but they probably are drawn to one over the other. It all comes down to if you prefer a more dramatic lash look or would rather stick to soft, natural-looking lashes.

When asking yourself “Should I get classic or volume lashes?” the good news is that you can always try both volume extensions and classic extensions. That way, you can truly see which style of lash extensions you prefer on your eye shape.

Classic Eyelash Extensions


First and foremost, lash babes, let’s get something straight!

When referring to classic lashes, we’re talking about the technique used to apply the lashes. In other words, your lash artist is applying one single extension to one of your natural lashes.

These are your go-to lashes when it comes to achieving a natural look with a touch of oomph.

Classic lashes give you a fuller lash line and length while still looking like natural eyelashes.

In a nutshell, classic eyelash extensions will allow you to rock the natural lash look without a single swipe of mascara.

If you have dreams of wispy, natural lashes, you will swoon for classic lashes! This lashing technique improves the overall natural beauty of your lashes for a fresh-faced look.

Also, if you’re new to the lashing game, starting with classic lashes is a great way to ease into lash extensions! The classic lash method will be just enough to give you a natural edge without getting too hot and heavy.

At The Lash & Sugar Company, we offer two levels for classic lashes. This allows you to further customize your classic lash look. Opt for a level 1 if you want to look like you have really long, dark natural lashes. Opt for a level 2 to add some fullness and intrigue.

Check out this example of classic eyelash extensions done by the professionals at The Lash & Sugar Company!

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Volume Eyelash Extensions


Okay, so maybe you dream of more eye-popping lashes than classic eyelash extensions can give you. If you personally identify as a diva, you definitely were born for volume eyelash extensions.

This lash technique is what diva dreams are made of! You’ll have bold, thick lashes that will inspire definite lash envy.

Like the classic lashes, volume lashes refer to how the lash extension is applied. However, instead of applying a single extension to an isolated natural lash, your lash artist will attach several thinner lash extensions to one natural lash. We call these lash fans or volume fans.

These lashes are not for the faint of heart! Volume lashes are perfect for you if you have sparse lashes but want a more full lash line. This method of lash extensions will give you dense lashes with a darker lash line perfect for nights out. That being said, volume lashes are for anyone who wants to bring the right kind of drama everywhere they go.

At The Lash & Sugar Company, we offer two levels for volume lashes. I like to say that level 1 is for people who want a little bit of wisp without the heavy look that really full volume extensions can have. Level 2 is for those who prefer a dark, thick lash line.

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Get Classic or Volume Lashes at The Lash & Sugar Company


Whether you are leaning towards volume lashes vs. classic or vice versa, we’ve got you covered! We are expert lash technicians who can give you the lash look you’re dying to have.

If you’re located in Arizona, head on over to one of The Lash & Sugar Company’s four locations across the greater Phoenix area. Speak to a certified lash artist about your lash goals, and get your lashes poppin’ before you know it!

We want you to feel confident in your lashes, so what are you waiting for, lash babe? Book an appointment today! We can’t wait to meet you!

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