Stay dry!

In the first 24 hours of having your lashes, the adhesive is working to fully dry/cure. If you introduce the h2O molecule too soon, this process will be compromised and those lovely lashes will fall right off!

Sleep on your back!

This is difficult, we know, but it is important. Clients who tend to sleep on a particular side or on their face notice an increased amount of lash loss. Waking up with lashes on your pillow means they are rubbing on the pillow throughout the night! If you sleep on a particular side, you may also notice lash loss in a particular corner. If sleeping on your back is not do-able, an alternative to back-sleeping is getting a silk pillow case (not as effective but still helpful)!

Wash and Brush daily!

Clean lashes are happy lashes. Lashes are fine hairs extending from your lash line. Just as we wash and brush our hair on our head, we must also do so with our lashes to keep them healthy and squeaky clean! Any debris, dirt, or even buildup of makeup will create retention issues. It is also very important to make sure you are doing this step before every lash appointment, too! This will give your artists the entire appointment time to focus on those pretty little lashes.

No oil based products!

This means cleansers, makeup, etc. Oils, the same as debris, will break down your lash extension adhesive creating retention issues. Natural oils from your skin/face can also create this issue so be sure to have a balanced daily routine. We advise against mascara, but for those emergencies we do retail a mascara that is oil free!

Keep it up!

Lash retention will vary for everyone. Because of this, we advise scheduling a fill 2 weeks after your first appointment. After 2 weeks, you should re-assess your retention and amount of lash loss and discuss this with your lash artists. Schedule accordingly.

Avoid touching!

Don’t get us wrong, your lashes are durable. Touching them won’t cause lash loss, however oils from your hands and repetitive touch/tugging will! Be mindful of these subconscious tendencies.