Here’s How Much Eyelash Extensions Cost in 2022

Here's How Much Eyelash Extensions Cost in 2022You’re in the market for new lashes, but how much are eyelash extensions where you live? Do they cost the same wherever you go, or is there a big difference? If there is a big difference in the cost of eyelash extensions, why is there such a difference? Moreover, how do lash studios or lash artists decide how much their services should be?

As a customer, it can be frustrating to see so many different costs of eyelash extensions in different places. You might want some help understanding why the actual cost of eyelash extensions compared to the average cost of eyelash extensions can be so different.

The Average Cost of Eyelash Extensions


In general, eyelash extensions can range a lot in price, usually starting around $120 or so and going up to — in some cases — close to $300. Why are there different prices for eyelash extensions? Many different things can influence the cost of eyelash extensions.

What type of eyelash extensions do you want? Where are you getting your eyelash extensions done — not just which salon or studio, but which city or state? Plus, how thick do you want them? How much of a curl are you looking for? What experience level is the lash tech you’re going to? Are you getting new extensions or ready to pay the cost of eyelash extension fills? All of these things can factor into the cost of eyelash extensions.

How Much Are Eyelash Extensions, Really?


Eyelash extensions are more than just a common accessory. There is a wide variety of extensions available, and everyone’s reasons for having them done are different.

What follows are a few examples of different types of eyelash extensions and how much someone can expect to pay for them, on average:

Classic Full Set: $164

Classic Hybrid Set: $192

Volume Full Set: $227

What if you want refills? How much will those run you? The cost of eyelash extension fills is more affordable than initial sets:

Classic Fills: $71

Hybrid Fills: $84

Volume Fills: $95

With all of the above prices, you need to keep in mind that these are just averages. Prices can vary from state to state and even from city to city within a given state.

The Cost of Eyelash Extensions By Location

Take Chicago, for instance. How much are eyelash extensions in Chicago? A set of classic eyelash extensions will cost about $150 in the Windy City, with hybrids at $180 and volume lashes at $200. However, if you venture west into the suburbs, you’ll find that classic lashes in Aurora, Illinois cost $120, hybrids cost $140, and volume lashes sit at $180.

In New York City, classic eyelash extensions will cost you an average of about $160, with hybrid lashes at $205. How much are volume eyelash extensions in NYC? Volume lashes in the Big Apple average about $240. Head upstate from Gotham, however, and you’ll find classic lashes in the state capital of Albany run you $130, with hybrids at $150 and volume eyelash extensions costing $165 — a significant difference.

How much are eyelash extensions in Arizona? In the Phoenix metro area, The Lash and Sugar Company has classic eyelash extensions by Lash Artists starting at $95 for Classic Level 1 lashes and $119 for Classic Level 2, while volume lashes appointments start at $135 and can go up to $155.

For those who want to go with Master Lash Artists at The Lash and Sugar Company, Classic Level 1s start at $119 and go up to $145 for Level 2, while Volume Level 1 starts at $165 and goes up to $195 for Volume Level 2.

Why the Cost of Eyelash Extensions Varies So Much


As you can see, location is a big reason why you can see so much variety in the average cost of eyelash extensions. Operating costs and services are higher in some places than others for a whole range of businesses, and eyelash extension studios are no exception.

Plus, different types of lashes will cost you different amounts, while fills are much more affordable than regular full extensions wherever you are.

Eyelash Extensions from The Lash and Sugar Company


It’s important for you to know how much you might pay for eyelash extensions at different studios and locales. After all, knowing what you might pay, and where, enables you to make the best decision for your lashes — and your wallet!

You understandably want the best bang for your buck, and you’ll get that at the Lash and Sugar Company. It’s not just the cost of eyelash extensions that makes The Lash and Sugar Company the best option — it’s everything else, too!

From waxing and sugaring to a spray tan you’ll absolutely love, The Lash and Sugar Company will keep you happy and coming back for more. So, whether you’re getting eyelash extensions done for the first time or just need some fills, head over to The Lash and Sugar Company today for the best in experiences and prices!