Is Waxing Right for You? Must-Know Pros & Cons of Waxing

The must-know pros and cons of waxing.So, you have some hair that’s in need of removal, and you’re trying to decide how best to do away with it. You may normally just shave it off whenever you take a shower, and even enjoy the routine of it. It’s oddly meditative, right?

However, shaving can take a fair bit of time, and the results are not always to your satisfaction, especially in some areas. There is a better way, though, one that more often than not results in smoother skin in the aftermath: Getting waxed!

The Pros and Cons of Waxing


Why get a wax? One of the most basic reasons to get a wax is to exfoliate and soften your skin. Is there more to it than that? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of waxing to help you make an informed decision.


Shaving is almost guaranteed to occasionally cause rashes and bumps, and you may even nick yourself from time to time, drawing blood. A wax can, indeed, be momentarily painful, and yes — you may see some temporary irritation. That’ll soon go away, though, and once it’s all done you’ll be blessed with the overall benefits for a long while.

How long? Well, if you rely on shaving down there, you have to do it pretty often — a few times a week, even. Not so with waxing.

After a shave, hair starts to grow back in just a few days. When you get a wax, you’re pulling the hair out at the root. This keeps you smooth for weeks at a time (three to four weeks, to be exact). Once the hairs come back, you can then return to your waxer for another session, one that’ll keep you enjoyably smooth for another few weeks.

Other Benefits of Brazilian Wax

There are many particular benefits of getting a Brazilian wax. While you could remove hair in that area by shaving, waxing results in less regular irritation. Moreover, regularly getting a Brazilian wax especially can have long-term positive effects on your hair and comfort.

Yes, the composition of your hair down there can change over time with repeated waxings. This means that, eventually, your hair will come out easier. This means much less pain and irritation when you get waxed.

You may even be able to extend the time between Brazilian wax sessions once these changes take place.


This is not to say that waxing is perfect. There are some disadvantages of wax sessions that you should also consider before getting one. When talking about the pros and cons of waxing, you deserve to know everything.

Ripping off the first and most obvious disadvantage right from the start, waxing can be painful. Depending on your level of pain tolerance, and where you’re getting waxing done, the experience can range from being merely uncomfortable to deargodmakeitstoppleasemakeitstop! Everyone is different, and some areas of the body are more sensitive than others.

Disadvantages of Brazilian Wax

When it comes to pain, if you’ve never had a Brazilian wax before, you may be either pleasantly surprised or vow to never again put yourself through such misery.

One of the disadvantages of a Brazilian wax is that, yes, you can get a temporary rash or have some bumps afterward. Remember, you are pulling hairs out by their roots! As far as the pros and cons of waxing go, though, this is one con that soon enough becomes irrelevant. It usually isn’t long before the bumps and redness go away, and all that you’re left with is a supremely smooth area that looks and feels wonderful.

In more extreme cases, there is the risk of damage to the skin, but keep in mind that these are generally rare occurrences, and if you get a Brazilian done by knowledgeable professionals like the ones at The Lash and Sugar Company, there is nothing to worry about.

Waxing is Not Always an Option!

You can also find that you may not actually be able to get a Brazilian under certain conditions. For example, if you’re sunburned, Brazilians are a no-go. If you normally shave down there using sensitive skin razors or cream, having sensitive skin may mean you could feel the pain from a Brazilian more intensely than others might.

A less serious con of waxing is that your hair down there has to be a certain length (about 1/4″), or else the wax won’t be able to latch onto and pull it out. So, while it is a pro that you can wait a while between sessions, as your hair is growing back in, it may feel rough to the touch, or irritate when wearing underwear and swimsuits. That may be a con!

Get Waxed With The Lash and Sugar Company!


Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of waxing, it’s time to make the leap. The Lash and Sugar Company offers Brazilian waxes, sugaring, and more — everything to keep you smooth and sweet all over, and down below. Heck, you can even ask about waxing facial hair’s pros and cons!

Visit the experienced professionals of The Lash and Sugar Company for a Brazilian wax to see for yourself just how great an experience it can be! Check out our waxing membership today!