Artists’ Difference

We are an ALL-Expert team of dual trained lash artists, trained and certified by today’s most sought after educators. The Lash and Sugar Company prides itself on quality, quality, quality! Our team of artists go through an extensive training program that enables them to give their clients the best lash and sugaring experience possible. Our artists don’t just keep up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the lash and sugar world, they keep up to date on latest and greatest techniques to keep your natural lashes healthy, your extensions long lasting, and your skin silky smooth.

Material Difference

Premium Faux Mink is not an upgrade. We use this premium extension for every single lash client at absolutely no additional charge. It gets better too; our extension adhesive is the very best on the market. Yep, that’s right. We only use high-quality lash extension products! Additionally, if you add a sugaring or waxing appointment you will be pleasantly surprised with our organic, natural products. Does it get better than that?!

Pricing Difference

Don’t need the full time of your lash appointment? Guess what? We won’t charge you for it. We base our prices around time. We do this to ensure transparency with our clients. Time is something both our artists and our clients can verify.

Client Love Difference

Things happen! We get it. If you need anything fixed or adjusted with your service, call us! We love our clients and will make sure we make it right. If you don’t absolutely love your service at The Lash & Sugar Company, we will make it right. You are important to us!