The Girls Photos Cassandra


Hey girl! I’m Cassandra, but you can call me Sandra. I moved here from Colorado back in 2018 shortly after receiving my Esthetician’s license. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty industry and stumbled across aesthetics by accident. But it was that accident that led me to my passion, lash extensions! I remember when I first heard about extensions and I had no clue what they were, and now it’s all I think about! I love being able to create something that makes someone feel amazing in their own skin. Seeing all your beautiful faces happy with something I put my heart and soul into everyday, gives me the ultimate gratitude. I’ve since gone on to further my education into Permanent Makeup and much more!
When I’m not lashing, I’m soaking in as much life as possible. Whether that be driving cross country, enjoying the night life or simply taking a warm bath. I listen to every genre of music and I am always looking for a new book/audiobook to get lost in!